About Me

Owner and founder sezzarella created ‘4 The Gram’ in 2020.

My vision came alive when I started searching for particular colour pots but couldn’t seem to find any that matched my expectations.   I decided to buy a plain boring looking pot and some primer & paint and that same night I got painting.  A few days later I found another but bigger pot in a different style at Costco and had the urge to do it again with different colours and a new design. 
I kept saying I wish there were more pots like this that you could buy already designed and painted and not long after that I was a business owner and buying a house full of pots before launching 4 the gram to the public.

I’ve always been the creative type, I love expressing and bringing ideas to life.
I put so much love, energy and time into creating these beautiful pots, some may take longer then others due to details/designs but I refuse to rush my work as i give 100% to each pot with some pots taking almost up to a week to complete from prep to seal. 
I want to thank each and every one of you that has even landed on our website. 
There are so many pots to choose from so I wish you luck on narrowing down your selection and choosing your fave pot/s. 
Much love 
Sezzarella ~ 4 THE GRAM